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As introduction : Beyond Unity and Duality Zen and the Logic of the Included Middle by Joe Brenner Fast Forward - Bruce Gremo - Tom Hamilton - Emanuel Dimas Di Melo Pimenta - Peter Zummo
...poems & texts Joe Brenner - Tamara Laï - Loiez Deniel - Emanuel Dimas Di Melo Pimenta - Goran Ramme
...images Tamara Laï - Loiez Deniel - Dan Schechtman - Roman Verostko

...animations Tamara Laï - Roman Verostko

...translations Joe Brenner - Tamara Laï
...web design & master Tamara Laï
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Sélections / Presentations :

VIDEOFORMES2002 (FR) Nomination (N -Y)

Museo Nuovo Rinascimento (IT)

Experimenta Design 2001 (PT)

ASA Art and Technology (UK)